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Are you stuck in a rut with your running? Are you looking for a challenge? Do you fancy spending two days outside in the hills? Here are five reasons why our Trail and Fell Running Breaks could be for you!

Here at The Forge we are super excited to be hosting Run Llangollen for two fantastic Trail and Fell Running Breaks this year. If you have never been on a running holiday before, here are five reasons why you should take the plunge, grab your trainers and come and join us this summer!

  1. You get to run with real experts…
  2. You get so many benefits from exercising outside
  3. You'll make new friends
  4. It’s not all about running
  5. You can switch off from the modern world

You get to run with real experts

Warren Renkel eats, sleeps and breathes running – his passion (some might say obsession!) is contagious and you will find yourself overwhelming inspired and motivated from running with this guy. A certified running coach, chair and founder of Run Llangollen running club, he boasts an impressive track (or hill!) record of race wins but most of all is committed to helping others unlock their ability and love for trail and fell running. Over the course of the two days he will impart his wisdom on all things from the best running shoes to nutrition tips as well as lots of amazing local knowledge about the hills you’ll be running.

You get so many benefits from exercising outside

Exercising outside in nature has been proven to be incredibly for your body, heart, mind and soul! As well as getting more oxygen (especially when you get to the top of these local mountains) being surrounded by greenery helps to raise your serotonin levels – leaving you feeling happy, if not elated. This helps to increase feelings of well-being and lower depression whilst exposure to the sun increases your vitamin D levels and help optimise your hormones. Plus, you get to step away from sitting on your backside at your desk inside for two days 😊.

You'll get to make new friends

There is no better way to bond with your kindred spirits than by panting up the side of a hill together. Conquering these trails and making it to the top together creates a shared experience with lots of banter and laughter along the way. All of the running is done at a steady social pace so you can get to know each other as well as enjoy the amazing scenery. Plus, it’s absolutely no problem if you want to come along on your own – we can accommodate people in shared or single bell tents.

It's not all about running

As well as the runs we’ll be guiding you on, the break also includes sessions on yoga and conditioning designed especially for runners to help you ease any tired muscles and equip you with some great exercises to take away with you. We’ll also be running a navigation workshop, essential for any budding fell runners who are looking to truly get off the beaten track (in a very real sense of the word!). Plus, there’ll be a session specifically looking at running nutrition and the best way to fuel yourself whilst you are up in the hills, as well as before and after. We’ll also be laying on some tasty, nutritious meals for you during your stay for you to enjoy around the campfire, whilst admiring the views of the mountains you ran up that day!

You can switch off from the modern world

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, you can look forward to luxury accommodation with real comfy beds, carpets and cosy blankets, perfect for resting your weary legs. There are hot showers when you get back and plenty of hammocks and sofas to chill out on too. But best of all, you feel like you are a million miles away from anywhere, the perfect opportunity to switch off your phone and escape from the real world for a few days, safe in the knowledge that you are going to go back home feeling super-charged, healthy and totally relaxed.

Posted: 13.03.19 | Activities| Health and wellbeing| Digital Detox

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