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Cooking over your own campfire, foraging for wild food or navigating by the stars… Learning a few basic bushcraft skills can take your glamping holiday to a whole other level!

The beauty of a glamping holiday is that you get to enjoy all the benefits of a truly outdoors camping experience… but with none of the hassle. Which leaves you plenty of time to pick up some new skills that you can practice to your heart’s content, whilst you are staying in exactly the place to try it all out!


When else do you get your very own fire pit where you can have a go at any number of fire-lighting techniques – from rubbing two sticks together, to striking fire steels and using birch bark. Once you’ve mastered the basics you can play for (literally) hours until you really start to see the sparks fly. And, of course, if your skills are (ahem) not quite up to scratch, there are always plenty of firelighters and matches laid on for you!

Campfire cooking

Did you know that you can make the most delicious bannock or stick bread over a campfire using just three simple ingredients? Or that you can use oranges cooked in the embers if the fire to make chocolate sponge surprises? You see, bushcraft is not just about survival, it’s about all the little luxuries in life too, a bit like glamping really!

Wild food

Kicking back on the deck or lounging in your hammock in the absolute middle of nowhere, perhaps you'd be surprised to find out that you are surrounded by potential food! With just a few pointers, your whole view of wild plants can be transformed as you learn to identify which ones are not only edible but actually taste really good too! Take yourself for a wander to pick up a few wild greens to pimp up your salad and feel yourself reaching a whole new connection with the nature around you as you sit back in the grass and enjoy that cold glass of wine.

Natural navigation

With no light pollution and such dark skies, taking a wander outside of your bell tent after dark is the perfect opportunity to look up and familiarise yourself with the different constellations. It is such a rarity these days to be able to see so many stars and actually be able to have a go at working out different directions without the help of your iPhone or your satnav!

Animal tracking

Find out what animals have been mooching around your tent while you were sleeping by learning how to track different animals and their habits. This is a fantastic super sleuthing activity for all ages, helping little ones and grown-ups alike to slow the pace of life right down and tune in to the rhythms of the natural world. It’s even more fun at night when a wildlife safari can reveal all sorts of furry friends who come out to play after dark!

If all this has whetted your appetite to have a go at bushcraft during your glamping stay, we offer half and full day sessions through our activities company, Wild Bushcraft Co. Sign up on the website or give us a call if you want to have a chat through creating your own Bear Grylls experience!

Posted: 04.05.19 | Wild Bushcraft| Wild Food| Health and wellbeing| Recipes| Children

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