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Trying to cut down on your plastic? A glamping holiday could be the perfect opportunity to sample some plastic-free swaps that could just change your life!

1. Straws – switch plastic straws for actual straw – yes it was a revelation to us too! If you are lucky enough to be staying on or near a farm during the harvest season, see if the farmer doesn’t mind you taking a few strands, which work perfectly for sucking up drinks and will then biodegrade naturally wherever you leave them. You can also check out this company – Wheat Straws Co.

2. Bottled water – chances are that if you are travelling to a more rural part of the country, the water is going to taste 100 times better than you average tap water. Invest in a stainless steel refillable water bottle and you need never buy another plastic bottle again! We love these Super Sparrow range – and our kids love them too and actually drink the water (shock horror!)

3. Plastic bags – rather than carting all your tasty holiday treats in plastic bags, channel your inner French market-goer and pick up an old school basket instead. Not only will it add a certain romance to your average picnic, they also hold a surprising amount!

4. Plastic wrapped food – if you’ve got your basket why not go the whole hog and source your fruit, veg, meat and other goodies at a local farm shop. Most of the ones near us supply paper bags or, better still, just let you put the produce directly in your own bags or baskets. And if you are feeling super adventurous, rather than buying bread in plastic packaging, bring along some bags of flour (always made out of paper for some reason!) and some milk powder (likewise, usually in cardboard tubs) and mix yourself up a dough mix to wrap around a stick and cook over the campfire. We promise you will never taste bread so good!

5. Plastic cups – although it might seem like the quickest option to grab a packet of plastic cups for your holiday barbecues and picnics, let’s face it they are pretty horrible to drink out of and can’t be reused. We’re big fans of enamel mugs which can cope with being dropped and bashed around – and are perfect for drinking everything out of, from water to hot chocolate to a wee dram late at night around the campfire.

6. Plastic plates – as well as enamel mugs, we love using enamel plates. It somehow makes any glamping experience more complete, and so much better than the plastic covered paper plates which go soggy and limp before you’ve even starting tucking into your burger.

7. Toys for the kids – we’ve all been there. Long car journey ahead. Puppy eyes next to the magazine rack and before you know if your car is filled with plastic tat and ripped up paper which, in my experience, breaks before you’ve even arrived at your destination. Resist the urge to supply your kids with pre-made toys and take advantage of being on holiday and having a bit more time to let their imaginations run wild. A simple stick to us could be a magic sword or a mystical totem pole to them. A plain old stone becomes a dinosaur egg or a baby monster from the deep.

8. Sun-tan lotion – if you are concerned about the alleged micro plastics in sun tan lotion, you could opt for an organic, mineral based product, such as Green People, or better still just cover up with a hat and some long sleeved, lightweight cotton tops and leggings. It also helps avoid nettle stings, insect bites and bramble grazes, meaning you can let your children run wild and free to explore in the woods, climb trees and build dens.

9. Toiletries – don’t be seduced by all the mini-bottles of shampoo and sun-tan lotion at the checkout in Boots. It is much cheaper and better for the planet to decant your regular products from home into recyclable bottles. A fun activity for the kids too – as long as you don’t mind a bit of pre-holiday mess in your bathroom!

10. Soap – but perhaps you are using your glamping holiday as an excuse to, ahem, get back to nature for a few days. Or at least your kids might leap at the opportunity of skipping bath time in exchange for an extra hour toasting marshmallows around the campfire and going to bed late smelling of wood smoke. Why not just go with it and see how liberating it can feel not to shower for a few days and just bring along an old school bar of soap in a pot to wash hands before mealtimes.

These may seem like small and inconsequential swaps but remember that this is a journey and every micro-action that we take can add up to a big difference. And what better time to try out some of these new things than on holiday when you have a bit more time and energy on your hands… And who knows, you might end up taking some of your new found habits home with you!

Posted: 19.06.19 | Wild Food| Health and wellbeing| Recipes| Environment

The Forge is perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and get back to basics. The location is beautiful; surrounded by green rolling hills. It's very dog friendly - she had a the time of her life exploring the site and was exhausted by the end of the day.

The new communal area is going to be great and we managed to squeeze in a couple of games of pool and a kick about with the football before dinner. The whole setup encourages you to spend quality time simply playing, exploring and talking with those around you which is really wonderful.

Vicki, Chester, June 2019

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