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Scything Retreat

Event Date: 16/08/21 - 20/08/21

Come and learn how to scythe on our ancient hill fort and wild flower meadow

Scything is making a big comeback and it's not hard to see why. Free from noise, pollution and restrictive safety equipment, it's a great way to immerse yourself in nature, do your bit for our rewilding project and gain so many benefits yourself. We promise that at the end of the two days you will feel fitter, calmer and more in balance with yourself and the world around you.

You don't need any experience or equipment - we'll teach you all the basics and provide all the kit you could possibly need. We'll provide delicious homecooked meals and lots of healthy snacks to fuel you throughout the day, plus we guarantee you the best nights' sleep in our cosy, heated bell tents. And don't worry there are real beds and hot showers too!

It costs just £240 pp for everything and if you'd like to bring the family along to watch and join us for meals and campfire fun it's just £360 per family.

We'll be running two, 2-day sessions in August from the 16th - 18th and the 18th - 20th. You are very welcome to attend for the whole week if you prefer! If you fancy joining us for four nights it's only £450 all in.

You can book here or feel free to get in touch if you'd like more information.

Here's the technical part and detailed itinerary!

Over the course of the two days we'll be covering:

  • How to set up the scythes for your own body and how to make them ergonomic;
  • The proper techniques for scything on flat ground, on slopes, around objects and through different vegetation;
  • Field sharpening and honing;
  • Peening
  • When to sharpen and when to peen;
  • Rowing the hay and turning;
  • How to make hay ricks in fine and wet weather.

Scythe kits are available for you to purchase before the course so you will be using your own equipment and become at one with it. Kits will also be available to purchase on or after the course as well as various books on the subject.

Click here to book.

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