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Why not take the opportunity for a digital detox for a few days this Christmas. This is why we'll be logging off...

  1. Because we want to practice what we preach – how can we shape the perfect digital detox retreat for our guests if we don’t experience the highs and lows of unplugging ourselves?
  2. Because we need to recharge our batteries. A year ago, we had no social media accounts for The Forge at all. It’s been a huge learning curve to get ourselves to well over 2000 followers - so we reckon we deserve a little breather to rest on our laurels before we crack on with our next 2000!
  3. Because I want to finish reading my book. That has been sitting on my bedside table for months now. I’ve been to the library to renew it three times now and it’s getting a bit embarrassing. In the time I would have otherwise spent mindlessly scrolling I reckon I’ll get it finished!
  4. Because I want to write a letter. A proper, thoughtful, handwritten letter on that lovely, light-as-a-feather fold-up airmail paper to all my friends in far flung corners of the world. Yes, we connect on Skype and WhatsApp and Instagram almost daily, but nothing beats the anticipation of opening up a letter, knowing that your friend will touch the same paper as you.
  5. Because I want to look up and not down for a few days. Have you ever noticed the crick in your neck and the tension in your shoulders from all that scrolling….? I am going to look up at the stars, catch the rain drops in my mouth and focus my eyes on drinking in the beautiful things far away in the distance.
  6. Because I want to step back in time. Technology was never part of my childhood Christmases (unless of course you are counting my scratchy cassette Walkman or the video camera the size of a small double decker bus on my Dad’s shoulder for a few seconds before he buckled under the weight). But the annual Scrabble contest was the absolute highlight and tournaments could go on for days. Bring on the board games…
  7. Because our heads are so much clearer and able to make important decisions when we’re not being influenced or disturbed by emails and social media. Plus we sleep sooo much better. This is the one time in the year when we have the head space for some good old-fashioned strategic planning – marker pens at the ready, a large piece of paper and an even larger glass of wine 😊.
  8. Because I don’t really want to compare my precious family time with everyone else’s. I am sure everyone is having a wonderful time, but this is the time of year when we make lots of lasting private memories for our family. I want to log these images in my own head for future reference, not in a huge data bank somewhere. Plus our kids are SO much better behaved when we are focused on them and not on our social media feeds.
  9. Because I don’t want to forget what it feels like to live in the moment. The pressure to capture everything on your camera phone and fill your feed and stories with attempts to impress and catch attention is relentless all year round. For just a few days we’re switching off the constant noise so we can breathe, relax and enjoy life for what it really is.
  10. Because Christmas comes but once a year. I don’t want to miss it nose down in my phone. Plus sticky mince pie/Quality Street/satsuma fingers make a hell of a mess on your screen 😉. So, my data will be firmly off and emergency calls and family texts only please 😊. See you in 2019!
Posted: 18.12.18 | Health and Wellbeing | Digital Detox

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