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The Dog Blog

Posted: 27.01.19 | Activities | Health and Wellbeing | Digital Detox

Bringing your dog on a glamping holiday can have unexpected benefits…

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Glamping Hen Parties

Posted: 18.01.19

Are you looking for a hen do with a difference? Do you love the idea of being outside but are looking for some luxury thrown in? A glamping retreat could be the perfect solution!

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Veganism or Localism?

Posted: 07.01.19 | Wild Food | Health and Wellbeing | Recipes | Environment

Ah January, season of new beginnings and all good intentions. As we count the cost of Christmas and the impact it had on our wallets, our waistlines and the planet, you can’t help but be swept into all the hype about how we can make a difference this year...

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Why Sustainable Holidays Are Important

Posted: 03.01.19 | Health and Wellbeing | Environment

We hear so much about what we should be doing to safeguard the planet, but what exactly is ecotourism and why are sustainable holidays important?

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All about.....Idris

Posted: 26.02.19 | Romantic Retreats | Digital Detox

This week we’ll be sharing all there is to know about Idris, our perfect glamping lovenest!

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Posted: 19.02.19 | Health and Wellbeing | Romantic Retreats | Children | Digital Detox

We often get asked what is the difference between all your different tents? Here is the first in our mini-series explaining each unique space so that when you book you can select exactly the right one of you!

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20 reasons to LOVE February

Posted: 15.02.19 | Activities | Wild Food | Local Events | Health and Wellbeing | Children

We are nearly there, folks! We survived seemingly never-ending January and we’re now into the tail end of winter (we hope!). We love February at The Forge – the shortest and in many ways the sweetest month. Here are just a few reasons why…

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Our Best Winter Days Out

Posted: 02.02.19 | Activities | Health and Wellbeing | Children

The weather may have turned cold but that’s no excuse to stay inside!

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Why glamping makes the perfect Easter getaway

Posted: 30.03.19 | Bushcraft | Farm Animals | Health and Wellbeing | Recipes | Children

Glamping is not just for summer.... Spring is the perfect time to sleep out under the stars!

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Ten Top Tips for First Time Foragers

Posted: 20.03.19 | Bushcraft | Activities | Wild Food | Health and Wellbeing | Environment | Self-sufficiency

Are you curious about eating wild food but not sure where to start? Read on for our top tips for first time foragers.

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Our very own Liberty Bell

Posted: 05.03.19 | Farm Animals | History | Health and Wellbeing | Children | Digital Detox

We often get asked why this tent is called Liberty and it is perhaps not for the reasons you would think…

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Brilliant Berwyn

Posted: 22.04.19 | Health and Wellbeing | Children | Digital Detox

Balcony, bar and bell tents - this brand-new space is perfect for families and larger groups!

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Why wild venison is so good for you

Posted: 07.04.19

These days, the media is full of reasons why we should be limiting our intake of red meat but there is perhaps one exception to the rule.

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Five Great Days Out This Half Term

Posted: 19.05.19 | Activities | Local Events | History | Children

Lakes, mountains, castles, trains and ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream! Here are five suggested itineraries for days out, all within half an hours' drive of The Forge.

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Glamping and bushcraft...the perfect combination!

Posted: 04.05.19 | Bushcraft | Wild Food | Health and Wellbeing | Recipes | Children

Cooking over your own campfire, foraging for wild food or navigating by the stars… Learning a few basic bushcraft skills can take your glamping holiday to a whole other level!

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Amazing activity adventures in North Wales

Posted: 28.06.19 | Activities | Local Events

Are you looking for thrills and spills this summer? Forget New Zealand, North Wales has it all!

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Switch the Plastic: 10 Simple Swaps

Posted: 19.06.19 | Wild Food | Health and Wellbeing | Recipes | Environment

Trying to cut down on your plastic? A glamping holiday could be the perfect opportunity to sample some plastic-free swaps that could just change your life!

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Five Car Free Days Out From The Forge

Posted: 08.06.19 | Activities | Local Events | History

Leave the car behind with these fantastic local days out

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A holiday that won't cost the earth...

Posted: 02.06.19 | Wild Food | Health and Wellbeing | Environment | Self-sufficiency | Digital Detox

Looking for a holiday that won’t cost the earth? Glamping could be the answer!

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The Art of Doing Nothing

Posted: 23.07.19

When was the last time you sat down to do absolutely nothing? Not checking your email, or swiping through Instagram and Facebook, not even catching up on the papers or getting through another chapter of your book? No, actually doing really very not much at all...

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The Big Summer Glamping Quiz

Posted: 19.07.19

Do you think you know everything there is to know about glamping? Take our fun quiz to find out!

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Wild Swimming in North Wales

Posted: 31.08.19 | Activities | Health and Wellbeing | Environment | Digital Detox

Have you ever wondered what wild swimming is all about? Are you keen to try it but not sure where to start? This week our friends, Meg and Laura, at Wild Swim Snowdonia are here to tell us all about it!

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Top 10 Things to Do in North Wales

Posted: 09.08.19

North Wales isn’t called the adventure capital of Europe for nothing. There’s an incredible array of things to do in North Wales so whatever your style of adventure, there’s plenty for you to do.

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Ten Best Autumn Walks in North Wales

Posted: 04.10.19

Check out these awesome autumn walks for maximum leaf crunching and great places to refuel and warm up again!

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The Forge Guide to an Eco Christmas

Posted: 07.12.19 | Bushcraft | Activities | Health and Wellbeing | Children | Environment | Self-sufficiency | Digital Detox

Are you trying to be a bit more eco-conscious this Christmas? Then check out our guide for some quick and easy tips on minimising your impact on the planet this yuletide...

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