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Things to do at The Forge in February

Posted: 09.02.18 | Wild Food | Farm Animals

Spring is coming... and our gorse flowers and snowdrops are in full bloom. The barn owls and the hens are getting active too! There's also an exciting new produce market opened just up the road. Lots to keep us smiling through the last few weeks of winter...

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Five Reasons To Get Outside in March

Posted: 18.03.18 | Activities | Wild Food | Health and Wellbeing

Although you might not always feel like it, getting outside at this time of year is good for your heart, body, mind and soul...

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Happy St David's Day

Posted: 01.03.18 | History

March 1st marks St David's Day here in Wales and what better opportunity to tell you a bit more about some of the fascinating figures in Welsh history in our area.

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Happy hens

Posted: 07.04.18 | Activities | Farm Animals

April has begun with lots of happy hens at The Forge, in every sense of the word!

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Chicks Away!

Posted: 27.05.18 | Farm Animals

After a long wait, The Forge chicks have finally hatched!

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Love is in the air

Posted: 01.05.18 | Wild Food | Romantic Retreats

Snuggling up under blankets next to the campfire, eating outside by candlelight, sunsets and night-time wanders under the stars... Glamping makes the perfect romantic retreat.

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Campfire Cooking Tips

Posted: 30.06.18 | Bushcraft | Wild Food | Recipes

Did you know that more than a third of children have never been camping? To celebrate tonight’s ‘Wild Night Out’ we thought we’d share some of our campfire cooking top tips to hopefully demystify how to cook over open flames and encourage you to have a go too!

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A taste of summer

Posted: 20.06.18 | Wild Food | Recipes

There is perhaps no better sign that summer is well and truly here than the sight and scent of the frothy, cream blossoms of the elderflowers in the hedgerows...

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Digital detox

Posted: 29.07.18 | Activities | Health and Wellbeing

So what exactly is a digital detox? How do you do it and, more importantly, what does it really feel like?

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Posted: 17.07.18

Glamping at The Forge is the perfect opportunity to do your little bit for the environment whilst enjoying a wonderfully relaxing break in the great outdoors.

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Screen-free summer fun

Posted: 10.07.18 | Bushcraft | Activities | Children

Give children lots of fresh air, a wide open space and some freedom and you'll be amazed at their imagination and creativity!

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Let it rain

Posted: 26.08.18 | Activities | Local Events | History | Children

The summer may nearly be over and the heatwave all but a distant memory but there’s still plenty to do during a trip to The Forge, even on a wet day. Here’s our Top Ten guide of things to do and places to visit when the sun may not be shining...

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A Walk on the Wild Side

Posted: 18.08.18 | Activities | Local Events | History

With the Corwen Walking Festival just around the corner, we wanted to share our favourite walks with you. And let you in on a little secret about how we choose the names for our accommodation....

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Double, double, toil and trouble...

Posted: 30.09.18 | Wild Food | Recipes | Self-sufficiency

Looking for some good ideas on what to do with your glut of autumn fruit?

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And the winner is...

Posted: 22.09.18 | Awards

Find out how we got on at this year's Wales Start Up Awards...

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Looking for your next big idea? Get around a campfire...

Posted: 15.09.18 | Bushcraft | Health and Wellbeing

Everyone loves a campfire – the challenge of lighting it, the crackle of the logs and the mesmerising flicker of the flames. Not to mention toasting marshmallows of course! But it seems there could be more benefits to sitting around a campfire than just a bit of fun whilst camping out for the night.

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The Big Sleep

Posted: 04.09.18 | Health and Wellbeing | Children

Want to know the secret to the best sleep of your life? Then read on...

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Love carving pumpkins, hate wasting food?

Posted: 30.10.18

Check out our pumpkin campfire recipes that will ensure that nothing goes to waste (PS. Campfire optional!)

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Your pre-glamping holiday checklist

Posted: 23.10.18 | Activities | Romantic Retreats

Is this your first time glamping? Not quite sure what to bring and what you can leave behind? Check out this handy checklist to make the packing so much easier (and save you some space in the car!).

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Autumn glamping

Posted: 15.10.18

Still no plans for half term? An autumn glamping break could be just the answer!

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Glamping vs Camping

Posted: 09.10.18 | Bushcraft | Activities | Health and Wellbeing | Romantic Retreats

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between glamping and camping?

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Our pick of the local Christmas markets

Posted: 27.11.18 | Local Events

Here at The Forge we are passionate about our local produce and handmade crafts, which is why we get so excited at this time of year when we have our pick of an amazing range of local Christmas markets.

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Ever wondered how a composting toilet works?

Posted: 19.11.18 | Environment | Self-sufficiency

We love our composting toilets here at The Forge. So much so in fact that they are a main feature of our glamping site! But what are they are how do they work?

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Our guide to the best wood to burn

Posted: 11.11.18 | Bushcraft | Self-sufficiency

Now the clocks have changed it really feels like we are hunkering down for the winter, curling up in front of the fire and getting in the hot chocolates. But how do you make sure you have the right logs to burn?

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Glamping - the perfect stress-busting break

Posted: 07.11.18 | Bushcraft | Health and Wellbeing

Today is National Stress Awareness Day. Here are just a few reasons why a glamping break can help reduce your stress and do wonders for your mental health...

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10 reasons why we'll be logging off this Christmas

Posted: 18.12.18 | Health and Wellbeing | Digital Detox

Why not take the opportunity for a digital detox for a few days this Christmas. This is why we'll be logging off...

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Christmas Campfire Recipes

Posted: 14.12.18 | Bushcraft | Wild Food | Recipes

Outdoor cooking needn’t be something that you only do during the summer months. In fact when it’s cold outside there is nothing better than warming up with some tasty hot treats from the campfire, especially if they are washed down with some mulled wine or a flask of coffee (Scottish version optional!).

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Our glamping gift wish list

Posted: 07.12.18

Looking for some inspiration on what to buy the glamping lover in your life? Check out our gift wish list for some ideas…

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