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Want to know the secret to the best sleep of your life? Then read on...

The one thing we’ve heard over and over again this summer from our guests is what a great night’s sleep they’ve had in our bell tents. Regardless of the whether the weather has been warm, or wet, or windy, people still seem to be clocking their zzzzzzzs. So why DO our glampers, and perhaps more importantly, their children sleep so well at The Forge?

Could it be….

…. the clean, Welsh fresh air and being outside in nature all day and night? After a few laps of the field in a wheelbarrow and running up and down the hill fort a few times everyone feels well worn out. But not only that, there is much more oxygen outside than in your bedroom because you are not in an enclosed space recycling the oxygen into carbon dioxide. And more oxygen means more serotonin which makes you feel calm, happy and relaxed. Ahhhhhh…..

…. or perhaps it could be the break from all the tech? Having the distraction of the campfire takes you away from your smartphones and iPads in those all-important hours before bedtime which has been proven to significantly improve the quality of sleep. Scarily, a recent study has found that every hour that infants and toddlers aged between 6 and 36 months used touchscreen devices was linked to 15.6 minutes less sleep. Time to throw another log on the campfire methinks….

…..the dark skies and lack of light pollution? You can’t see another house from The Forge let alone a street light. Watching the moon come up and the stars come out is very calming and allows you to tap back into your circadian rhythms – you go to sleep when it goes dark and you wake up when it gets light, which a study has shown provides you with optimum rest. And with our friendly cockerel Dot always on duty, you get a cock-a-doodle-doo as your wake-up call, rather than your smartphone alarm! A much nicer start to the day 😊

….. the cooler temperature? Well, if we are to follow the example of the Scandinavians, sleeping outside in the cold is amazingly good for us. As well as sleeping for longer, a study has shown that babies who slept outside were less likely to catch coughs and colds. The key however is to be wrapped up cosy and warm. Luckily, we’ve got all this covered for you with lots of snuggly blankets and cushions and hot water bottles in all of our glamping tents. Hygge-tastic!

Or perhaps it has got something to do with feeling more connected to each other. Eating and talking together round a campfire means that you can slow the pace right down and really, truly connect and relax. With a makeshift poker in one hand and a drink in the other, there is something so captivating about a crackling fire that helps all your other cares melt away. Meaning you can eventually slip into bed ready for the best night’s sleep of your life!

Posted: 04.09.18 | Health and Wellbeing | Children

My 10 year old son commented, I quote, "I had the best sleep ever"! We certainly noticed he slept right through the night and settled earlier than he ever has at home, I'm sure that is the mixture of technology detox and just being out in nature with no negative distractions.

Kerri Moore, Liverpool, August 2018

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