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Free Yourself From Burnout

Posted: 25.01.22 | Activities| Wild Food| Health and wellbeing| Digital Detox

If you're starting the year feeling exhausted and worn out when everyone else around you seems full of energy and motivation after their break, then you could well be suffering from burnout.

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Could YOU be our new Retreat Host?

Posted: 20.02.22 | Activities| Self-sufficiency

Do you get a real buzz out of helping people relax and have a good time?

Are you really into your yoga, wild swimming, and outdoor adventures?

Do you love good food and cooking?

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Easter Glamping and Free Activities

Posted: 10.03.22 | Activities| Wild Food| Health and wellbeing| Recipes| Children| Self-sufficiency| Digital Detox

Let us take the pressure off organising a fun, outdoor holiday with the family this Easter!

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Do I have burnout? 5 questions to ask yourself

Posted: 13.04.22 | Wild Bushcraft| Activities| Health and wellbeing| Digital Detox

Ask yourself these five simple questions and find out if you are experiencing burnout...

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How the outdoors cures burnout

Posted: 11.05.22 | Wild Bushcraft| Health and wellbeing

Burnout is everywhere. It creeps up without you noticing and can have a devastating impact on every aspect of your life. There is no easy cure. To really break the negative cycle of burnout you need to do something radically different. This is where the great outdoors comes in.

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What is the TRUE cost of burnout?

Posted: 11.05.22 | Health and wellbeing

The annual cost of burnout to the global economy is estimated to be £255 billion*. That’s a staggering number, but what does that actually mean when you break it down to the individual level. What is the true cost of burnout to YOU?

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