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If you're starting the year feeling exhausted and worn out when everyone else around you seems full of energy and motivation after their break, then you could well be suffering from burnout.

It's a classic sign when holidays no longer make you feel refreshed and instead fill you with a sense of dread, especially when they come to an end and it feels like nothing has changed.

Wouldn't it feel good to lift the weight that you've been carrying around for so long?

Rediscover what it feels like to be excited and brimming with ideas and energy at work again?

Remember how to just 'be' and not feel like every second of every day is accounted for before you've even struggled out of bed?

You can change this. You can put YOU first again. But it will take more than just another holiday.

Breaking the negative cycle of burnout and the engrained habits that keep you trudging the same well worn path is not easy. But it is possible. You just need to get to the bottom of your burnout triggers and learn techniques for tackling them effectively.

Which is why we have teamed up with Burnout Geese to put together a five day programme which does just that. And a bit more besides. We're combining expert medical advice with immersion in nature to create the space for you to escape from your everyday pressures, to rest, reflect and recover.

Mornings will be spent getting to grips with your burnout, what caused it and how to stop it repeating. Afternoons will give you the chance to explore and challenge yourself with activities like paddle boarding, wild swimming and foraging. Evenings focus on deep relaxation through yoga, storytelling, stargazing and perhaps a little light axe throwing...

Come and join us and make 2022 the year when you free yourself from burnout, for good.

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Posted: 25.01.22 | Activities| Wild Food| Health and wellbeing| Digital Detox

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