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The Forge Guide to an Eco Christmas

Posted: 07.12.19 | Wild Bushcraft| Activities| Health and wellbeing| Children| Environment| Self-sufficiency| Digital Detox

Are you trying to be a bit more eco-conscious this Christmas? Then check out our guide for some quick and easy tips on minimising your impact on the planet this yuletide...

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Ten Best Autumn Walks in North Wales

Posted: 04.10.19

Check out these awesome autumn walks for maximum leaf crunching and great places to refuel and warm up again!

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Wild Swimming in North Wales

Posted: 31.08.19 | Activities| Health and wellbeing| Environment| Digital Detox

Have you ever wondered what wild swimming is all about? Are you keen to try it but not sure where to start? This week our friends, Meg and Laura, at Wild Swim Snowdonia are here to tell us all about it!

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Top 10 Things to Do in North Wales

Posted: 09.08.19

North Wales isn’t called the adventure capital of Europe for nothing. There’s an incredible array of things to do in North Wales so whatever your style of adventure, there’s plenty for you to do.

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The Art of Doing Nothing

Posted: 23.07.19

When was the last time you sat down to do absolutely nothing? Not checking your email, or swiping through Instagram and Facebook, not even catching up on the papers or getting through another chapter of your book? No, actually doing really very not much at all...

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