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Introducing our new day retreats

Posted: 07.04.24 | Bushcraft | Activities | Wild Food | Farm Animals | Local Events | Health and Wellbeing | Environment | Self-sufficiency | Digital Detox

We are super excited about our new woodfired sauna and wildlife pond which will be the focus for lots of new day retreats that we are launching this year.

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What is the Divine Feminine?

Posted: 26.03.24 | Health and Wellbeing | Digital Detox

The Fire and the Feminine Women's Circle is based upon the principles of the Divine Feminine. Here we explain a bit more about what that actually means.

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What is trail running?

Posted: 14.03.24 | Activities | Health and Wellbeing

Ever heard the term ‘trail running’ and wondered just what the heck that means?

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The perfect location for a day retreat

Posted: 20.02.24 | Activities | Health and Wellbeing | Digital Detox

Are you looking for an intimate off-grid venue with loads of indoor and outdoor space for a day retreat?

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This is not a meditation retreat

Posted: 12.02.24 | Activities | Health and Wellbeing | Digital Detox

We have a confession to make. Come To Your Senses: Meditation for Non-Meditators is not actually a meditation retreat. Wait, what?

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