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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between glamping and camping?

You may hear the term 'glamping' used more and more but what does it actually mean and what can you expect from a glamping experience that might be different from more traditional camping?

At The Forge here our top five things that we believe are the perfect recipe for a true glamping experience:

The Tent: The good news is you don't need a tent to go glamping! In fact you don't need anything other than some suitable outdoor clothing and a sense of adventure! The tents are all set up ready for you so you don't need to deal with complicated instructions or guy ropes - you can just turn up, unzip the doors and settle right in.

Beds! Whereas in traditional camping you may find yourself on a roll mat 'enjoying' every contour of the field on your back, with glamping you can expect a real bed with a mattress, lovely white linen sheets and thick cosy duvets. Being off the ground in a bed also means the experience is typically warmer and more comfortable so people tend to sleep better.

Kitchens: Running water, iced cool boxes and a gas hob are essential parts of the glamping experience, meaning that you don't have to collect or carry water around. Pots, pans, kettles and all the crockery, cutlery and utensils you have at home are also laid on for you when glamping so you don't have to bring anything with you. And having a hob ready to cook on at the strike of a match means you can cook up more elaborate meals than might be possible over a small camping stove.

Campfire cooking: but if all that feels just a little too safe and a bit too much like home then you have access to your own private fire circle and all the campfire cooking equipment you could need. With Dutch ovens, tripods, griddles and flat plates at your disposal you can still enjoy all the traditional pleasures of camping and outdoor cooking - sausages, burgers and the all-important marshmallows, and perhaps try a few new cooking techniques at the same time!

All the little extras: So far so similar you might be thinking - is glamping just camping where everything is provided for you? Well, not exactly. At The Forge we like to think that we provide the icing on the cake with all the finishing touches. Every single guest receives fresh flowers hand-picked from our garden, free-range eggs from our own chickens and local milk in their cool box. Every tent has a selection of board games and playing cards, not to mention a hammock and lovely little lanterns and fairy lights. It's all these little things that add up to make one big wonderful glamping experience. Tempted? Why not book in and try if for yourself!

With special thanks to Monica Stott @thetravelhack and our recent Facebook competition entrants for the great photos!

Posted: 09.10.18 | Wild Bushcraft | Activities | Health and Wellbeing | Romantic Retreats

We enjoyed a night away here and were amazed at the attention to detail, beautiful showers, toilets and kitchens, complete with everything for tea and coffee, pans, knives and even wine glasses! Our tent had proper beds with mattresses and bedding, and a wooden chest if we needed more blankets! All complete with a lovely vase of flowers inside and pots of heather outside, the whole place was stunning. We will definitely be returning!

Steph Surrey, Wrexham

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