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We love our composting toilets here at The Forge. So much so in fact that they are a main feature of our glamping site! But what are they are how do they work?

Unlike the toilet you may be used to at home, a composting or dry toilet doesn't use any water. Not only does this make it very eco-friendly it also means they can be used as part of an off-grid experience as they require no plumbing or sewerage system.

There are two main chambers in the toilet, one for wet and one for dry waste. This is to stop the compost becoming too wet. After each use, you just need to throw a couple of scoops of sawdust into the dry chamber. This creates little air pockets which promotes aerobic decomposition. This also increases the carbon to nitrogen ratio and stops any nasty smells.

When the toilet is two-thirds full we move it to our woodland and introduce lots of worms to help with the composting process. There are small holes in the bottom to make sure there is plenty of oxygen which also speeds things up a bit. After around 12 months you are left with a lovely dark hummus (soil variety, not eating, which I wouldn't recommend!) which we can use to fertilise the young trees in our new woodland areas.

So what's it like to actually use one? Well, our guests tell us that there is nothing more peaceful than stepping into our little cabins, relaxing with a book and enjoying having some 'quality time' in the great outdoors. Plus, if you are lucky enough to be staying in Arenig you get to open the top part of the door and enjoy stunning views to the Snowdonia mountain range. A true poo with a view!

Posted: 19.11.18 | Environment | Self-sufficiency

What a fantastic introduction to glamping. The facilities are fabulous, from the gorgeously appointed bell tent to a fantastic kitchen with everything you could need. Fire pit and furniture are beautiful. Composting toilet much better than anticipated! Everything has been very carefully thought-through, and Sheena and Jamie are attentive hosts. The views from the tents are stunning. Couldn't recommend this place more highly.

Dan, Comberton, August 2018

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