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Come and sample REAL rural life on our new summer camp!

When you think of life in the countryside you probably picture calm green fields, perfect blue skies, fresh air and little lambs gambolling about on the hillside. The reality is in fact probably a bit livelier, a bit muddier and a whole lot more fun. Our Back To Nature Summer Camp is designed to give you a flavour of what it feels like to try to live off the land and survive in the wild. All with the lovely safety net of knowing you have a warm, cosy tent, lots of delicious home-cooked food, a hammock to retreat to at the end of the day!

Fire lighting and bread making

We will ease you into life in the great outdoors on the first evening with an introduction to the different ways to light a fire, including friction fire lighting (rubbing two sticks together!), flint and steel and the power of the sun. Once you've got a lovely roaring campfire going, we'll show you how to make bannock bread which you will cook on a stick until it's golden and just perfect to pop a sausage inside for your supper.


Each morning and afternoon we'll be running a bushcraft session where you can build upon the foundations of your fire lighting to become a pro shelter builder and an expert at tying knots. You'll get to learn all about which plants and trees you can use plus how to filter and purify water if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere.

Hunting weapons

You can channel your inner caveperson by having a go on our different hunting weapons. This includes archery, axe throwing and air rifle shooting. You'll be given a full briefing on how to have fun safely and then you can let the competitive vibes kick in for some truly, wholesome fun.


We'll have our expert scyther (not the Grim Reaper you will be pleased to hear!) on site all week who tell you everything you need to know about scything and traditional hay making. Phil is passionate about rewilding and can share lots of pearls of wisdom about how we can all work to restore the land, no matter how small the area.


If you are keen to learn more about keeping your own hens you will get the opportunity to meet our friendly flock and find out how to keep them fit and healthy so they lay you lots of eggs. You'll get the chance to pet them, feed them, clean them out and collect the eggs each morning for your breakfast.


We have several hives at The Forge and you will get the chance to get all togged up in the protective bee suits and get up close and personal with our colonies. We will show you how to extract the honeycomb and you will get to taste the honey straight from the hive. Believe me there is no better taste in the world!

Home butchery

If you have always been curious about where your meat comes from and how to ensure it is sustainable and well-sourced, our butchery masterclass may be of interest to you. We will be showing you how to prepare and cook wild meat, whilst sharing all the many benefits both for your health and the planet.

Vegetable growing

If you prefer your food plant-based then we will be showing you how you can grown your own vegetables, no matter how much space or time you have. Covering everything from planting seeds to composting your waste, you'll get the chance to roll your sleeves up and get your hands into the soil, before picking and eating veg that you have harvested yourself.


We will also be showing you lots of the edible plant and fungi species that live around The Forge. We'll be going for a gentle walk to gather some of these delicious wild delicacies for you to sample and take away with you.

Wild swimming

This is the perfect combination of personal challenge and deep relaxation. We will introduce you to swimming in cold water in a safe and secure environment, explaining the benefits of cold exposure for your body and your mind. We'll share lots of tips about finding your own swim spots and staying safe in the water.


You can then warm up after your swim in our wood fired sauna which is the perfect way to maximise the benefits of hot/cold therapy. Feel all the tension and stress ease away as you sweat it all out in our sustainable wood fired sauna while you gaze out over our natural wildlife pond.

As well as these daytime workshops, we will also be running some communal activities in the evening including star gazing, storytelling and spoon whittling. This will give you the perfect chance to chill out around the campfire, reflect on what you have achieved, and enjoy some well-earned downtime.

All the sessions are completely optional and all the activities can be modified for children.

At the end of the four days, we hope you will leave feeling relaxed, happy and with a better idea of what it is really like to live in the countryside!

Want to find out more? Click here for the full low down.


Come and find out for yourselves!

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